Guanidine hydrochloride and acid denaturation of horse, cow, and Candida krusei cytochromes c.


Study holds ProTherm entries: 7843, 7844, 7845, 7846, 7847, 7848, 7849, 7850 Extra Details: acid denaturation curve; ionic strength; two-state mechanism;,randomly coiled conformation

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ID: g6GrjvuH3

Submitter: Connie Wang

Submission Date: April 24, 2018, 8:34 p.m.

Version: 1

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Knapp JA;Pace CN,Biochemistry (1974) Guanidine hydrochloride and acid denaturation of horse, cow, and Candida krusei cytochromes c. PMID:4360785
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Relevant PDB Entries

Structure ID Release Date Resolution Structure Title
6BMG 2017-11-14T00:00:00+0000 1.88 Structure of Recombinant Dwarf Sperm Whale Myoglobin (Oxy)
5YCI 2017-09-07T00:00:00+0000 1.97 Ancestral myoglobin aMbWb' of Basilosaurus relative (polyphyly)
5YCJ 2017-09-07T00:00:00+0000 1.58 Ancestral myoglobin aMbWb' of Basilosaurus relative (polyphyly) imidazole-ligand
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5DF5 2015-08-26T00:00:00+0000 1.3 The structure of oxidized rat cytochrome c (T28E) at 1.30 angstroms resolution.

Relevant UniProtKB Entries

Percent Identity Matching Chains Protein Accession Entry Name
90.1 Myoglobin P02182 MYG_ZIPCA
90.3 Myoglobin Q0KIY0 MYG_MESST
90.3 Myoglobin P02183 MYG_MESCA
90.3 Myoglobin P02180 MYG_BALPH
90.9 Myoglobin P02179 MYG_BALAC
90.8 Myoglobin P68278 MYG_PHOPH
90.8 Myoglobin P68277 MYG_PHODA
90.8 Myoglobin P68279 MYG_TURTR
90.8 Myoglobin P68276 MYG_DELDE
90.8 Myoglobin Q0KIY7 MYG1_STEAT
91.4 Myoglobin P02173 MYG_ORCOR
92.1 Myoglobin P02174 MYG_GLOME
91.6 Myoglobin P02181 MYG_INIGE
92.2 Myoglobin P02178 MYG_MEGNO
91.4 Myoglobin Q0KIY3 MYG_PENEL
92.9 Myoglobin P02177 MYG_ESCRO
92.9 Myoglobin Q0KIY2 MYG_BALED
92.9 Myoglobin Q0KIY1 MYG_BALBO
96.8 Myoglobin P02184 MYG_KOGSI
96.8 Myoglobin Q0KIY5 MYG_KOGBR
100.0 Myoglobin P02185 MYG_PHYMC
93.2 Cytochrome c B4USV4 CYC_OTOGA
93.2 Cytochrome c P00021 CYC_COLLI
94.2 Cytochrome c P00020 CYC_ANAPL
94.2 Cytochrome c P81280 CYC_ALLMI
91.4 Cytochrome c Q52V10 CYC_SAISC
96.2 Cytochrome c P00012 CYC_MIRLE
96.2 Cytochrome c Q52V09 CYC_CEPBA
95.2 Cytochrome c P00013 CYC_MINSC
94.3 Cytochrome c P00014 CYC_MACGI
97.1 Cytochrome c P00011 CYC_CANLF
97.1 Cytochrome c P62898 CYC_RAT
96.2 Cytochrome c P00008 CYC_RABIT
97.1 Cytochrome c P62897 CYC_MOUSE
98.1 Cytochrome c P68098 CYC_LAMGU
98.1 Cytochrome c P68100 CYC_ESCRO
98.1 Cytochrome c P68099 CYC_CAMDR
97.1 Cytochrome c P00007 CYC_HIPAM
100.0 Cytochrome c P62896 CYC_SHEEP
100.0 Cytochrome c P62895 CYC_PIG
100.0 Cytochrome c P62894 CYC_BOVIN
99.0 Cytochrome c P68096 CYC_EQUBU
99.0 Cytochrome c P68097 CYC_EQUAS
100.0 Cytochrome c P00004 CYC_HORSE
90.3 Cytochrome c P21665 CYC_VARVA
90.4 Cytochrome c P00015 CYC2_MOUSE
90.5 Cytochrome c Q640U4 CYC1_XENTR
91.4 Cytochrome c P00022 CYC_CHESE
90.5 Cytochrome c P00019 CYC_STRCA
90.5 Cytochrome c P00018 CYC_DRONO
90.5 Cytochrome c Q5RFH4 CYC_PONAB
90.5 Cytochrome c P99998 CYC_PANTR
90.5 Cytochrome c P99999 CYC_HUMAN
90.5 Cytochrome c Q6WUX8 CYC_GORGO
90.5 Cytochrome c P00017 CYC_APTPA
91.4 Cytochrome c P67882 CYC_MELGA
91.4 Cytochrome c P67881 CYC_CHICK
91.4 Cytochrome c Q52V08 CYC_MACSY
91.4 Cytochrome c P00002 CYC_MACMU
90.3 Myoglobin P02163 MYG_ROUAE
90.9 Myoglobin P11343 MYG_LUTLU
90.3 Myoglobin P02165 MYG_TUPGL
90.3 Myoglobin P02167 MYG_NYCCO
90.9 Myoglobin P02189 MYG_PIG
90.9 Myoglobin P02166 MYG_PERPO
92.2 Myoglobin P02169 MYG_LEPMU
100.0 Myoglobin P68082 MYG_HORSE
100.0 Myoglobin P68083 MYG_EQUBU
100.0 Cytochrome c P00041 CYC_PICKU