The effect of mutation at valine-45 on the stability and redox potentials of trypsin-cleaved cytochrome b5.


In an attempt to elucidate the determinants of redox potential and protein stability in cytochrome b5, three mutants at a highly conserved residue Val45, which is a member of heme hydrophobic pocket residues have been characterized. The V45Y mutant was designed to introduce a bulkier residue and a hydroxyl group to the heme pocket. The mutants V45H and V45E were constructed to test the effect of positive and negative charge on the stability and redox potential of proteins. The influence of these mutants on the protein stability towards thermal, urea, acid, ethanol and on the redox potential were studied. It is concluded that the decrease of hydrophobic free energy and the larger volume of the tyrosine make the phenylhydroxyl group of tyrosine still sitting inside the hydrophobic pocket, while the side chain of the mutant V45E and V45H shift away from the heme pocket. The redox potentials of mutants V45Y, V45H, V45E and wild-type of cytochrome b5 are -35 mV, 8 mV, -26 mV and -3 mV, respectively. The bigger change of the V45Y on redox potential is due to the close contact between the hydroxyl group and the heme, while the changes of the V45E and V45H result from the alteration of charge density and distribution around the heme. Different relative stability of these mutants towards heat have been observed with the order: WT > V45Y-V45H > V45E being both in the oxidized and reduced state. The relative stability induced by addition of urea decreases in the order: WT > V45Y > V45H > V45E. These results suggest that the difference in the hydrophobic free energy is a major factor contributing to the stability of the Val45 mutants. Also the loose of the helix III in the mutant V45E makes it more unstable. These results indicate that residue Val45 plays an important role in the stability and redox potential of the protein. Study holds ProTherm entries: 9181, 9182, 9183, 9184, 9185, 9186, 9187, 9188, 9189, 9190, 9191, 9192, 14491, 14492, 14493, 14494, 14495, 14496 Extra Details: cytochrome b5; mutagenesis; redox potential; protein stability

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Submitter: Connie Wang

Submission Date: April 24, 2018, 8:37 p.m.

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Wang ZQ;Wang YH;Wang WH;Xue LL;Wu XZ;Xie Y;Huang ZX,Biophys. Chem. (2000) The effect of mutation at valine-45 on the stability and redox potentials of trypsin-cleaved cytochrome b5. PMID:10631476
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