Attributes of glycosylation in the establishment of the unfolding pathway of soybean agglutinin.


Soybean agglutinin (gSBA) is a tetrameric legume lectin, each of whose subunits are glycosylated. Earlier studies have shown that this protein shows exceptionally high stability in terms of free energy of unfolding when compared to other proteins from the same family. This article deals with the unfolding reactions of the nonglycosylated recombinant form of the protein rSBA and its comparison with the glycosylated counterpart gSBA. The nonglycosylated form features a lower stability when compared to the glycosylated form. Further, the unfolding pathways in the two are widely different. Although the glycosylated form undergoes a simple two-state unfolding, the nonglycosylated species unfolds via a compact monomeric intermediate that is not a molten globule. Representative isothermal and thermal denaturation profiles show that glycosylation accounts for a stabilization of approximately 9 kcal/mol of the tetramer, whereas the difference in T(m) between the two forms is 26 degrees C. Computational studies on the glycan-protein interactions at the noncanonical interface of the protein show that quite a number of hydrogen bond and hydrophobic interactions stabilize the glycoprotein tetramer. Study holds ProTherm entries: 23660, 23661 Extra Details: recombinant form glycosylated; recombinant; two-state unfolding; glycan-protein interactions

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Sinha S;Surolia A,Biophys. J. (2007) Attributes of glycosylation in the establishment of the unfolding pathway of soybean agglutinin. PMID:16980353
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