Thermodynamic stability of the two isoforms of bovine seminal ribonuclease.


Bovine seminal ribonuclease (BS-RNase) is a dimeric protein with two identical subunits linked by two disulfide bridges, each subunit showing 80% of sequence identity with pancreatic RNase A. BS-RNase exists in two different quaternary conformations in solution: the MxM form, in which each subunit exchanges its alpha-helical N-terminal segment with its partner, and the M=M form with no exchange. By differential scanning microcalorimetry (DSC), the denaturation of the two dimeric forms of BS-RNase was found to be more complex than a simple two-state process. Monomeric derivatives of the dimeric protein follow instead a simple two-state mechanism, but are distinctly less stable than RNase A. The three-state N if I if D denaturation process of the two quaternary isoforms was interpreted by identifying in the dimers a central highly structured core, enclosing the covalently bonded subunit interface, which unfolds only after the periphery (mainly the N-terminal peptide) unfolds. Circular dichroism spectra of the two forms in the far-ultraviolet region show large differences between the secondary structure of the isoforms and that of the native BS-RNase mixture at equilibrium. This has been attributed to the presence in the equilibrium mixture of intermediate forms with displaced and disordered N-terminal alpha-helical segments. Study holds ProTherm entries: 8307, 8308 Extra Details: disulfide bridges; dimeric forms; secondary structure;,alpha-helical segments

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Giancola C;Del Vecchio P;De Lorenzo C;Barone R;Piccoli R;D'Alessio G;Barone G,Biochemistry (2000) Thermodynamic stability of the two isoforms of bovine seminal ribonuclease. PMID:10891077
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