Functional Segregation of Overlapping Genes in HIV.


Overlapping genes pose an evolutionary dilemma as one DNA sequence evolves under the selection pressures of multiple proteins. Here, we perform systematic statistical and mutational analyses of the overlapping HIV-1 genes tat and rev and engineer exhaustive libraries of non-overlapped viruses to perform deep mutational scanning of each gene independently. We find a "segregated" organization in which overlapped sites encode functional residues of one gene or the other, but never both. Furthermore, this organization eliminates unfit genotypes, providing a fitness advantage to the population. Our comprehensive analysis reveals the extraordinary manner in which HIV minimizes the constraint of overlapping genes and repurposes that constraint to its own advantage. Thus, overlaps are not just consequences of evolutionary constraints, but rather can provide population fitness advantages.

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Submitter: Marie Ary

Submission Date: June 28, 2018, 1:09 p.m.

Version: 1

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Fernandes JD;Faust TB;Strauli NB;Smith C;Crosby DC;Nakamura RL;Hernandez RD;Frankel AD,Cell (2016) Functional Segregation of Overlapping Genes in HIV. PMID:27984726
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Relevant UniProtKB Entries

Percent Identity Matching Chains Protein Accession Entry Name
100.0 Protein Tat (HIV-1 HXB2) P04608 TAT_HV1H2
98.0 Protein Tat (HIV-1 HXB2) P04612 TAT_HV1B5
94.1 Protein Tat (HIV-1 HXB2) P19552 TAT_HV1S3
99.1 Protein Rev P04618 REV_HV1H2
94.8 Protein Rev P04620 REV_HV1BR
94.0 Protein Rev P04325 REV_HV112
94.0 Protein Rev P04616 REV_HV1B1
93.1 Protein Rev P69718 REV_HV1H3
91.4 Protein Rev P05872 REV_HV1SC
92.2 Protein Rev P04623 REV_HV1A2
96.2 Protein Rev P05864 REV_HV1B8
94.2 Protein Tat (HIV-1 NL4-3) P05907 TAT_HV1C4