Napin from Brassica juncea: thermodynamic and structural analysis of stability.


The napin from Brassica juncea, oriental mustard, is highly thermostable, proteolysis resistant and allergenic in nature. It consists of two subunits - one small (29 amino acid residues) and one large (86 amino acids residues) - held together by disulfide bonds. The thermal unfolding of napin has been followed by differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) and circular dichroism (CD) measurements. The thermal unfolding is characterized by a three state transition with T(M1) and T(M2) at 323.5 K and 335.8 K, respectively; DeltaC(P1) and DeltaC(P2) are 2.05 kcal mol(-1) K(-1) and 1.40 kcal mol(-1) K(-1), respectively. In the temperature range 310-318 K, the molecule undergoes dimerisation. Isothermal equilibrium unfolding by guanidinium hydrochloride also follows a three state transition, N <_-_-> I <_-_-> U with DeltaG(1H2O) and DeltaG(2H2O) values of 5.2 kcal mol(-1) and 5.1 kcal mol(-1) at 300 K, respectively. Excess heat capacity values obtained, are similar to those obtained from DSC measurements. There is an increase in hydrodynamic radius from 20 A to 35.0 A due to unfolding by guanidinium hydrochloride. In silico alignment of sequences of napin has revealed that the internal repeats (40%) spanning residues 31 to 60 and 73 to 109 are conserved in all Brassica species. The internal repeats may contribute to the greater stability of napin. A thorough understanding of the structure and stability of these proteins is essential before they can be exploited for genetic improvements for nutrition. Study holds ProTherm entries: 23040, 23041, 23042, 23043, 23044, 23045, 23046, 23047, 23048, 23049, 23050, 23051, 23052, 23053, 23054, 23055, 23056, 23057, 23058, 23059 Extra Details: The scan rate was 60K/h; Transition 1 Napin; Thermal stability; Brassica juncea; Association; Protein unfolding; Internal repeats

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Submitter: Connie Wang

Submission Date: April 24, 2018, 8:54 p.m.

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Jyothi TC;Sinha S;Singh SA;Surolia A;Appu Rao AG,Biochim. Biophys. Acta (2007) Napin from Brassica juncea: thermodynamic and structural analysis of stability. PMID:17544981
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Number of data points 56
Proteins Napin-1A ; Napin-1A
Unique complexes 1
Assays/Quantities/Protocols Experimental Assay: m prot_conc:0.12 mg/mL ; Experimental Assay: dG_H2O prot_conc:0.12 mg/mL ; Experimental Assay: m prot_conc:0.4-2.5 mg/mL ; Experimental Assay: dG_H2O prot_conc:0.4-2.5 mg/mL ; Experimental Assay: dHcal prot_conc:106 microM ; Experimental Assay: Tm prot_conc:106 microM ; Experimental Assay: dHvH prot_conc:106 microM ; Experimental Assay: dHcal prot_conc:92 microM ; Experimental Assay: Tm prot_conc:92 microM ; Experimental Assay: dHvH prot_conc:92 microM ; Experimental Assay: dHcal prot_conc:75 microM ; Experimental Assay: Tm prot_conc:75 microM ; Experimental Assay: dHvH prot_conc:75 microM ; Experimental Assay: dHcal prot_conc:65 microM ; Experimental Assay: Tm prot_conc:65 microM ; Experimental Assay: dHvH prot_conc:65 microM ; Experimental Assay: dHcal prot_conc:50 microM ; Experimental Assay: Tm prot_conc:50 microM ; Experimental Assay: dHvH prot_conc:50 microM ; Experimental Assay: dHcal prot_conc:40 microM ; Experimental Assay: Tm prot_conc:40 microM ; Experimental Assay: dHvH prot_conc:40 microM ; Experimental Assay: dHcal prot_conc:25 microM ; Experimental Assay: Tm prot_conc:25 microM ; Experimental Assay: dHvH prot_conc:25 microM ; Experimental Assay: dHcal prot_conc:10 microM ; Experimental Assay: Tm prot_conc:10 microM ; Experimental Assay: dHvH prot_conc:10 microM

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198.7 A,B Napin-1A P24565 2SSI_BRANA