Hydrophobic core packing in the SH3 domain folding transition state.


How tightly packed is the hydrophobic core of a folding transition state structure? We have addressed this question by characterizing the effects on folding kinetics of > 40 substitutions of both large and small amino acids in the hydrophobic core of the Fyn SH3 domain. Our results show that residues at three positions, which we designate as the 'core folding nucleus', are tightly packed in the transition state, and substitutions at these positions cause the largest changes in the folding rate. The other six positions examined appear to be loosely packed; thus, substitutions at these positions with larger hydrophobic residues generally accelerate folding, presumably by increasing the rate of nonspecific hydrophobic collapse. Surprisingly, the folding rate can be greatly accelerated by residues that also significantly destabilize the native state structure. Furthermore, mutants with identical thermodynamic stability can differ by up to 55-fold in their folding rates. These results highlight the importance of hydrophobic core composition, as opposed to only topology, in determining the folding rate of a protein. They also provide a new explanation for the 'abnormal' phi-values observed in many protein folding kinetics studies. Study holds ProTherm entries: 12771, 12772, 12773, 12774, 12775, 12776, 12777, 12778, 12779, 12780, 12781, 12782, 12783, 12784, 12785, 12786, 12787, 12788, 12789, 12790, 12791, 12792, 12793, 12794, 12795, 12796, 12797, 12798, 12799, 12800, 12801, 12802, 12803, 12804, 12805, 12806, 12807, 12808, 12809, 12810, 12811, 12812 Extra Details: SH3 domain; 0.2 mM EDTA was added in the experiment hydrophobic core packing; core folding nucleus; folding rate;,transition state

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ID: 88FrYQYy3

Submitter: Connie Wang

Submission Date: April 24, 2018, 8:44 p.m.

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Northey JG;Di Nardo AA;Davidson AR,Nat. Struct. Biol. (2002) Hydrophobic core packing in the SH3 domain folding transition state. PMID:11786916
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