Tolerance of point substitution of methionine for isoleucine in hen egg white lysozyme.


X-ray structure determination of proteins by using the multiple-wavelength anomalous dispersion method targeting selenomethionine is now widely employed. Isoleucine was examined for the second choice of the substitution of methionine next to leucine. We performed a systematic mutational study of the substitutions of methionine for isoleucine. All mutated lysozymes were less stable than the wild-type by about 1 kcal/mol and it is suggested that this instability was caused by the change in residual hydrophobicity from isoleucine to methionine. The X-ray structures of all mutant lysozymes were very similar to that of the wild-type. In addition, both the accessible surface areas and the conformation of the side chain of methionine in all mutant lysozymes were similar to those of the side chain at the respective isoleucine in the wild-type. Therefore, it is suggested that the mutation from isoleucine to methionine in a protein can be considered as a "safe" substitution. Study holds ProTherm entries: 11606, 11607, 11608, 11609 Extra Details: hen egg white lysozyme; isoleucine; 'safe' substitution;,selenomethionine; X-ray crystallography

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ID: 5rEDgJce3

Submitter: Connie Wang

Submission Date: April 24, 2018, 8:42 p.m.

Version: 1

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Ohmura T;Ueda T;Hashimoto Y;Imoto T,Protein Eng. (2001) Tolerance of point substitution of methionine for isoleucine in hen egg white lysozyme. PMID:11477222
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