Equilibrium and kinetic folding of hen egg-white lysozyme under acidic conditions.


The equilibrium and kinetic folding of hen egg-white lysozyme was studied by means of circular dichroism spectra in the far- and near-ultraviolet (UV) regions at 25 degrees C under the acidic pH conditions. In equilibrium condition at pH 2.2, hen lysozyme shows a single cooperative transition in the GdnCl-induced unfolding experiment. However, in the GdnCl-induced unfolding process at lower pH 0.9, a distinct intermediate state with molten globule characteristics was observed. The time-dependent unfolding and refolding of the protein were induced by concentration jumps of the denaturant and measured by using stopped-flow circular dichroism at pH 2.2. Immediately after the dilution of denaturant, the kinetics of refolding shows evidence of a major unresolved far-UV CD change during the dead time (<10 ms) of the stopped-flow experiment (burst phase). The observed refolding and unfolding curves were both fitted well to a single-exponential function, and the rate constants obtained in the far- and near-UV regions coincided with each other. The dependence on denaturant concentration of amplitudes of burst phase and both rate constants was modeled quantitatively by a sequential three-state mechanism, U<-->I<-->N, in which the burst-phase intermediate (I) in rapid equilibrium with the unfolded state (U) precedes the rate-determining formation of the native state (N). The role of folding intermediate state of hen lysozyme was discussed. Study holds ProTherm entries: 17820, 17821, 17822, 17823 Extra Details: hen egg-white lysozyme; protein folding; stopped flow; folding intermediate

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Submitter: Connie Wang

Submission Date: April 24, 2018, 8:50 p.m.

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Sasahara K;Demura M;Nitta K,Proteins (2002) Equilibrium and kinetic folding of hen egg-white lysozyme under acidic conditions. PMID:12402357
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