Effect of an engineered disulfide bond on the folding of T4 lysozyme at low temperatures.


Equilibrium and kinetic effects on the folding of T4 lysozyme were investigated by fluorescence emission spectroscopy in cryosolvent. To study the role of disulfide cross-links in stability and folding, a comparison was made with a mutant containing an engineered disulfide bond between Cys-3 (Ile-3 in the wild type) and Cys-97, which links the C-terminal domain to the N terminus of the protein [Perry & Wetzel (1984) Science 226, 555]. In our experimental system, stability toward thermal and denaturant unfolding was increased slightly as a result of the cross-link. The corresponding reduced protein was significantly less stable than the wild type. Unfolding and refolding kinetics were carried out in 35% methanol, pH 6.8 at -15 degrees C, with guanidine hydrochloride as the denaturant. Unfolding/refolding of the wild-type and reduced enzyme showed biphasic kinetics both within and outside the denaturant-induced transition region and were consistent with the presence of a populated intermediate in folding. Double-jump refolding experiments eliminated proline isomerization as a possible cause for the biphasicity. The disulfide mutant protein, however, showed monophasic kinetics in all guanidine concentrations studied. Study holds ProTherm entries: 3035, 3036 Extra Details: T4 lysozyme; disulfide bond; kinetic effects; folding;,stability; intermediate

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Submitter: Connie Wang

Submission Date: April 24, 2018, 8:20 p.m.

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Anderson WD;Fink AL;Perry LJ;Wetzel R,Biochemistry (1990) Effect of an engineered disulfide bond on the folding of T4 lysozyme at low temperatures. PMID:2334694
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