Decoupling of melting domains in immobilized ribonuclease A.


Ribonuclease A has been immobilized on silica beads through glutaraldeyde-mediated chemical coupling in order to improve the stability of the protein against thermal denaturation. The thermodynamic and binding properties of the immobilized enzyme have been studied and compared with those of the free enzyme. The parameters describing the binding of the inhibitor 3'-CMP (Ka and delta H) as monitored by spectrophotometry and calorimetry were not significantly affected after immobilization. Conversely both the stability and unfolding mechanism drastically changed. Thermodynamic analysis of the DSC data suggests that uncoupling of protein domains has occurred as a consequence of the immobilization. The two state approximation of the protein unfolding process is not longer valid for the immobilized RNase. Protein stability strongly depends on the hydrophobicity properties of the support surface as well as on the presence of the inhibitor and pH. For example, after immobilization on a highly hydrophobic surface, the enzyme is partially in the unfolded state. The binding of a ligand is able to reorganize the protein structure into a native-like conformation. The refolding rates are different for the two protein domains and vary as a function of pH and presence of the inhibitor 3'-CMP. Study holds ProTherm entries: 11304, 11305 Extra Details: enzymes; protein; immobilization; microcalorimetry;,protien melting domains; protein DSC

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ID: 32zkUmj23

Submitter: Connie Wang

Submission Date: April 24, 2018, 8:42 p.m.

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Rialdi G;Battistel E,Proteins (1994) Decoupling of melting domains in immobilized ribonuclease A. PMID:8090706
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