Oct. 18, 2018

ProtaBank has been updated!

The newest version of ProtaBank has been updated to streamline the study entry process especially for studies with multiple proteins or multiple chains. We are also excited to open up our search and study summary pages without login so that users can more quickly find relevant data. We encourage users to sign up for a free ProtaBank account to access our more advanced search and analysis tools and the ProtaBank API.

May 28, 2018

Our paper describing ProtaBank has been published in Protein Science

Our paper, "ProtaBank: A repository for protein design and engineering data" describing the data schema and implementation of ProtaBank has been published in the May issue of Protein Science. It also describes several example case studies of how Protabank can be used. Check it out at

April 26, 2018

ProTherm data now available in ProtaBank

ProTherm, the thermodynamic database for proteins and mutants, is the largest source of thermodynamic protein stability data, containing over 25,000 entries. Although the ProTherm website is no longer being supported, we are providing continued access to this valuable resource by incorporating the ProTherm data into ProtaBank. All the entries have been converted to the ProtaBank study format using automated scripts. For the raw ProTherm data and access to these scripts and more information check out our github at

Feb. 2, 2018

ProtaBank, Our Collaborative Protein Engineering Database, Has Gone Live!

ProtaBank is now available to the public. We're inviting all users to create an account and search the data in the database to identify protein mutational data of interest to them. However, ProtaBank also serves as a repository for scientists to store, analyze and share the data that they have generated in order to preserve their results and to make it more visible to others. Please sign up and give it a try! We're always looking for more feedback so if you have any suggestions or ideas please contact us at